Resting Your Cigars After Delivery

Posted by Webmaster on 5/22/2018 to Tips
We do our best to provide you perfect cigars in perfect condition as quickly as possible. Shipments are inspected and double checked by our shipping staff for accuracy and quality. 

Most of the time after shipping you need to acclimate the new acquired cigars in the humidor for at least a couple of weeks for the cigar to get re equilibrated  because they tend to get dry during travel. 

Though it’s hard to resist smoking that first one out of the box, my advice is make sure your cigar supply hasn’t dwindled down to nada before the new smokes get to you. Always try to keep several days worth of cigars on-hand so you can give your new order at least a little time to rest. I know that some readers will take umbrage at this advice, but patience generally pays-off at a much higher interest rate

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